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What is The Cozy Cabin? Why am I here?

The Cozy Cabin is a very cool community on Discord. Don't leave yet, it's not just any normal, generic community! It has so much for you in terms of productivity, fun and friendships! (Psst, you there - we also have frequent giveaways and events!)

This server has a hobby based system - with a click of a button you can get roles like "Gamer" or "Musician" or "Coder" or pretty much anything else!
These roles unlock many, many channels (upto 10-15, usually) on your hobby where people with similar interests like you can chat!
The music category has channels like "music chat", "vocals", "string instruments", etc.

The Cozy Cabin also has a help-based system - every hobby category like music, coding etc. has a help channel.
In this help channel, you can ping volunteer helpers with a bot command if you have any trouble in your hobby.
Problem solving in every hobby for the people, by the people!

Don't have a hobby? We won't judge you, we'll include you! We all can relate to just wanting to do nothing😳
And I kid you not when I say we have a very inclusive community, and we don't care about what your sexuality, race etc is.
No seriously, we don't care, we're just a happy group of friends who'll respect you :>

Oh, you say that's still not enough for you? What if I told you we also had a custom server bot?
And it has so many features that your face will go :O?
Aand we have other interesting stuff like "Cabin News Network" which provides you with cool,
imaginary server lore where people try to overthrow the owner and start cults against admins?
Aaand we have a Question Of The Day channel that you can follow to your own server?
Aaaand we have a self promo channel so you can advertise your hard work?
Aaaaand we have a paid work channel where you can literally earn money and hire people?
Aaaaaand we have dope emotes?
Aaaaaaand we're an SFW server?
Aaaaaaaand we have a subreddit?
Aaaaaaaaand - ok I'll stop lmao

If you've read this far then you definitely wanna join, so come along for the ride and join the server @ discord.gg/V5XQ2fZcnA (or click the first link on the top)!
Trust me when I say, you won't regret it.
If you wanna support us check out the links at the bottom, and cya on the other side :D

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